In our first issue, we catch up with Sian O’Flaherty, a digital marketing and content wizard working for Munich-based Stylight. A true SUNAD ambassador, Sian loves to travel and explore both London and the rest of the world. We spoke about the future of technology, London, the best shirts amongst other things

How would you best describe what you do?

I work for a Munich based fashion search platform called Stylight. We have a small team here in London, working out of Protein, where I manage content marketing and PR for both the UK and Australian markets. My role is all about creating fun, viral, fashion-centric content for press and influencers. We try to create campaigns that are inherently shareable and about of-the-moment topics or events, for example, after the release of the much anticipated Apple Watch we released an infographic about all of the things you could buy for the same price (I mean, 20 puppies!! <3) And even turned the fashion elite into ‘Minionistas’ for the release of the Minions movie.


Obviously the Internet and social media play a big part on your life nowadays. Moving forward how do you see technology evolving? Are we becoming more dependant on it or are we going to get sick of it?

Moving forward I think technology is going to play an increasingly important role in our lives and that using technology will be second nature to us and will seamlessly fit into day to day life. In terms of fashion I think we’ll start seeing a lot of materials being grown in labs, this will mean much more clever, adaptable and enhanced fabrics - the days of ‘waterproof’ jackets leaking will be over. I think we’ll start seeing ‘clever’ fabrics becoming the norm i.e. self cleaning clothes, colour changing garments and temperature sensitive technology all becoming far more chic and mainstream. 3D printing will also become more prevalent in the sense that you’ll be able to print real, wearable objects that are tailored to you all from the comfort of your own home. Custom made, individual 3D printed garments could become the new luxury. The gap between technology and our creative imagination is becoming smaller and smaller. 

When did you start to think of clothes as more than just something you throw on? When did "fashion" make sense to you?

My mother is a trained tailor and pattern cutter so I guess from a young age I was really aware of fashion and textiles. I grew up in a house filled with rolls of fabric, sewing machines and dressmakers chalk so clothes were always on my radar. Going to secondary school also marked a huge turning point in the way I dressed, my school was less than 5 minutes from Topshop’s huge Oxford Circus store so let’s just say thats where most lunch breaks took place!

Do you think growing up in London has affected the way you dress? How much does a city affect your style?

Yeah definitely! Certain cities have such a strong identity and I think that gets translated into the way you dress whether that be subconsciously or not. London is so accepting of all sorts of crazy fashion so I really think it allows you to dress however you want. There’s loads of amazing young British design talent out there that’s really putting that irreverent London style on the map. This season I loved Faustine Steinmetz, who creates amazing hand woven casual-wear; Mary Benson’s whimsical designs and of course London based design duo Marques’ Almeida who really encapsulate that laid back, effortlessly cool London girl vibe. 

What do you need from a shirt? What makes it THE shirt? Added value.

For me the perfect shirt is all about versatility, it’s got to look as good worn casually open with ripped denim shorts and sandals on the beach as it does tucked into culottes for work. Fit is also so important, it needs to be a little oversized for that boyish look and pockets are always a nice added bonus. Good tailoring is always noticeable too, the perfect shirt always sits well on your shoulders and creates a clean, sleek silhouette… that’s why shirts are so timeless. 

What is your favourite SUNAD?

I’m living in the Thar dress in midnight blue. It’s straight cut means it’s so easy to throw on and looks great dressed down with sandals or dressed up for warm evenings with heels and a jacket. This is going to be my summer staple.

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