We got to know Berlin-based, Croatian photographer Katja Kremenic in a special summer edition of our “At Home With” section. Katja’s imagery strongly reminisces the feeling of adventure and summer in intimate settings; something very important in the Sunad lifestyle. This time we switched a house for the beautiful Croatian coast landscapes.

What's your first memory associated with photography?

My grandmother's Polaroid camera I used to play with every time she came to visit.

What's your favourite thing about your job?

I love that it comes along with a great mixture of fascinating people, travels, great outdoors and creativity. I also enjoy scouting locations and executing an idea from start to finish. I love collaborating with brands that love the adventure, and contributing to fashion, lifestyle and adventure magazines.

Do you have a favourite photo? Why?

Actually it is this crazy picture of my boyfriend holding an octopus. It was shoot during our roadtrip around the island of Corsica. We spent one month sleeping in the car and cooking very basic meals on the tiny camping stove. One morning while I was reading a book on the beautiful gigantic oval rocks of Punta Caldano, my boyfriend dived out of the sea in front of me holding that octopus. I grabbed my camera and took a photo. Only one. Later we had it for dinner.

Who would be your favourite person to photograph?

This summer probably Elena Ferrante. Somewhere in Napoli. That said, I'm not sure I'd show the photos to anyone afterwards.

 Are you inspired by other photographers? In the digital age we're constantly exposed to images, is it hard not to have someone else's image in your head while shooting?

I find a lot of inspiration in my personal relationships with others and traveling. Often I start obsessing a little with a certain place and I can't stop till I'm actually there. I love Jim Mangan's wanderlust and his vast landscapes. I'm drawn to places that are pure and extreme. I love to observe the relationship between humans and earth. Sky and the Universe have its charm, too. I tend to think about it a lot and get drawn to people and artists that explore it in a way I never could but can easily relate to.

What's your process?

I prefer shooting analog whenever I can choose to, which I believe brings trust and intimacy, and often times that cinematic, storytelling look into my work. I've incorporated the same work flow and editing process to my digital assignments so there's less stress when working digital and a smoother way to combine both digital and analog work.I think I like to walk the line between the projects that feel real but still have control about them. Shooting a fashion project while on an adventure brings a lot of adventure elements, locations, models, situations, etc. into it which certainly adds a bit of a documentary feel, spontaneousity and realness.


If you were to shoot the Sunad lookbook in Croatia, where would you do it? Why?

Definitely on the coast. The Adriatic sea is like a swimming pool compared to the ocean. With thousands of little islands and locations I'm very familiar with. If I could choose another location, it would have to be Lanzarote. I spend some time there every winter and it starts to feel like a second home.

What was the worst day/experience you've had at work?

Do not really remember a bad day related to photography. Sometimes I feel that way when the wakeup call is too early but once on the location I forget about the lack of sleep immediately.

And the best?

It's always the one coming next. I'm headed to the Alps tomorrow, hiking quite high with a Swedish brand for a more chill and winterish photoshoot.

Katja is wearing Sunad's SS17 Namib Mediterraneo shirt. All images @Katja Kremenic in collaboration with Sunad.

Katja is wearing Sunad's SS17 Namib Mediterraneo shirt. All images @Katja Kremenic in collaboration with Sunad.