Bobby clark

Sunad x Bobby Clark1.png

Bobby Clark is a Scottish artist and photographer based in Melbourne, Australia. Her artworks are a perfect balance of shapes and colours. Bobby’s pieces are an exploration of how each shape relates to each other in beautiful compositions that are rhythmic and have a silent melody.

How would you describe your work?
Minimal and balanced.


Where do you draw inspiration from?
I love finding interesting books, particularly interior styling books and tend to draw a lot of inspiration for my colour palette and shapes from their pages. I have always been interested in art and enjoy looking at good art books and seeing new exhibitions in my spare time but when it comes to seeking inspiration for my work I really try and not look at other artists too much. I’m always buying magazines and constantly look at fashion, interior and architecture publications for something that might spark a new idea.

How does living in Australia influence your work?
I'm a morning person and I come to life in the sunnier months so being in a country with constant sun really helps. The landscape here is incredible and of such variety you never get sick of a road trip or visiting a new place - there is so much to see. The creative industry is also really exciting in Melbourne, I constantly feel inspired by people around me. 

Talk us through your creative process
I follow quite a strict routine with my creative process. I reset my space so it is clutter free, pull out some good books and magazines and have a flick through them on my studio floor (which is my lounge room at the moment) to get my mind ticking. I then take a fresh sheet of paper and start drawing and building up shapes. My compositions aren’t planned; I just let the painting develop as I go. Sometime it works, sometimes it doesn't. I always finish by cleaning my brushes and putting all my paints back in my little trolley. I find the pack down a good way to switch to relaxing mode. 


Best advice for a young artist?
'Just do'. Steve (my husband @den_holm) gave me that advice one night when he came home from his workshop and I was having a major creative block. I remind myself to 'just do' every time I feel blocked. I just paint, even if it's rubbish.

What is your favourite way to wear a shirt?
Tucked it, buttoned down, sleeves rolled up. 



How do you incorporate sustainability in to you daily routine?
I am really aware of my carbon footprint, I recycle most things and try buy fresh organic produce. The majority of my products arechemical free and natural and I make sure not to waste my art supplies, reusing them when I can.

What is your favourite piece of work by another artist and why?
Either Peter. C by David Hockney or Guernica by Pablo Picasso.

Your top three Melbourne spots....
Black Spur, The Heide Museum of Modern Art and the NGV.